Monday, July 15, 2013

Sassy Six

Last Tuesday was our baby girls birthday!! 

 Kynlee Rose
6 Years
Loves playing with her friends, singing, dancing, animals, craft
 and EVERYTHING and ANYTHING horses! 
This girls eats, breathes and dreams horses, and aspires to be a Rodeo Queen!!!
Has a baby doll named Stacey, and insists we tell everyone she is real.
Played Tball for the first time, loved it, and talks about playing every year.
Would eat meat and meat only for every meal
Won't eat blueberries, but loves Raspberries
Collects anything she can get her hands name it, she wants to keep it.

This girl is all sass and attitude topped with lots of love and cuddles, and we just can't get enough of her.  
We love you to pieces "nugs"!  Happy, happy Birthday to you!

Kynlee asked to celebrate her party with friends and family at the Osborne Aquatic Center's outside pool "Otter Beach" themed of course!!!


Here's the gang

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